Friday, May 8, 2009

Duel the master, Joe Sandy win!

TimeToTalks - Finally after a long journey, Duel Masters has reached the phase where finish, after the spectacular action weeks ago, The Master to give back the last duel between Joe and Sandy and Limbad.on Friday night (8 / 5), the inagurasi duel, both are playing with two judges, Deddy Corbuzier and Romy Rafael

At the beginning of the game Deddy collide the strategy with Limbad to save VJ Marissa that be. Deddy and Limbad show its ability of each to the risk of explosion occurred when the padlock that locks the cage was expiring.

While collaborating Romy with JoeSandy. Romy's request to give sugesti spectators in secret. Meanwhile, Joe Sandy requested confidential predicts that the audience think

Is another interesting game when Joe and Deddy solve challenging problems in mathematics and chess or international Knight Tour where chess is often in a race at the international level. But they play with eyes closed.

Meanwhile, Limbad disproved Romy the assumption that someone can do something for disugesti. Ljmbad challenging for the audience under a sugesti Romy do what is appropriate.

As usual on this night inagurasi commentator are four judges. Building Integrity Convention Center, MGK Kemayoran met people who want to witness directly. In which the stars appear Indonesian Idol. The same scene outside the building. Some members of the public who saw a closer. As a result, spectators had a barrier fence collapsed. But there is no victim in the event of a sudden.

After a week ago while the number of sms to win, but Joe continues to chase each pursuing traffic collision occurred on the evening inagurasi. And finally at the end of the acquisition on the winning sms Joe Sandy with 53.08%. While Limbad 46.92%. Top of this victory, Joe was successful steal money, while 50 million rupiah Limbad Runner Up in the position to bring home 30 million rupiah prize.

For the boyfriend, Madonna spend the money $ 1000 Week

TimeToTalks - Madonna willing sacrifice for Jesus Luz. Without disincline it full sensation is spent USD1000 for his girlfriend's young.

Madonna to pay as much each week to pay for the services of private teachers deliberately shipped to her house to teach kekasihnya the English language. Girlfriend that he wanted to speak English well. Such as quoted from Femalefirst, Friday 8 May 2009.

Jesus is not fluent in English because the men from the younger age Madonna is coming from Brazil. Jesus difficulty with the English language communication between these two sejoli.

Madonna also want the career of Jesus as the model will thrive in the United States. With the clever English-speaking Jesus is expected to help in pursuing his career in the field of modeling.

Not a secret anymore, when the widow of Guy Ritchie want to make Jesus as the top model in the United States.

Madonna and Jesus officially became a pair of lovers since the beginning of this year. Madonna always invites men aged 22 years in each of the activities. Their love story was colored with the newspaper to drop out because one of the world is jealous Diva see Jesus bermesraan model with the younger age of Madonna.

However, their intimate again. And Madonna also introduce this man to his children.

in 1975, Indonesia ever seri with MU

TimeToTalks – Manchester United visit to Indonesia, 18-21 July future was not the first time. Thirty-four years ago, Red Devils also visited Indonesia.

According to the site, Manchester United in the first stop in Jakarta, 1975 ago. The visit is included in the MU rangkain tour at that time. In addition to Indonesia, while MU is also visiting Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Iran.

In Jakarta, Red Devils is still strengthened by Sammy McIlroy and Arthur Albiston compete against two teams. First PSSI enlisted the second against Ajax Amsterdam.

At first, MU successfully in equilibrium by PSSI enlisted with the score 0-0. This duel was witnessed nearly 70 thousand spectators. Whereas the second MU rivalry eventually lose 2-3 over Ajax.

MU will arrived in Indonesia on July 18 to come. Cristiano Ronaldo cs will by the Indonesian All Star, in SUGBK, 20 July 2009. Visit this entry in the series of MU tour of Asia this year. Tickets for the game this can not be reserved. On the game interesting later seen whether Indonesia can back up or even MU akan there a more surprising result again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bar rafaeli naked chest Showcase Bikini

Do you know the model Bar Rafaeli, or the better known or more well-known as the dashing actor boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio, he is willing to expose chest images on the photo session for the magazine's Swimwear America.

Model of origin of Israel aged 23 years could end this "heat" in Canoun Island beach during a promotional video for Sports Illustrated magazine's special edition shirt that pool.

Rafaeli in bikini photos using the orange and white, and then switch to the boss figured cobweb. Until then he shaped topless photos. The duty to make a photo edition of the bikini-awaited wait is Raphael Mazzucco.

Boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio itself has become a model for the clothing pool is the magazine for three consecutive years. Model of this section is also a collection of equipment for the clothing pool Hurley and Ralph Lauren.

Rafaeli own model is that Israel first had been the Sports Illustrated cover star. Not only that, he also became the first model in the country who can decorate magazines Elle and GQ.

Amy Winehouse Running half-naked in the hotel

Amy Winehouse makes the tourists who were on holiday in St Lucia terkaget-shocked after running half-naked in the hotel in place overnight.

Back to Black Pelantun aged 25 years back this week to the Caribbean Islands in which he would like to record a third album. Amy back in there to create problems.

Amy removing the top of the bikini on the beach to its ago to run in five-star family hotel at the beach said that the officers themselves are not allowed to sunbathe topless on the beach.

A source said the British newspaper, Daily Mail, "All people are surprised. A minute ago, Amy're relaxing with friends on the beach and then he was already running half-naked."

"It appears that Amy loves walking naked chest and fed up with people who give out what to do. When run-run, he spoke on his own while tilt-ayunkan hands. It is difficult to understand what the say, it does not make sense , "he added.