Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free Icons Download

TimeToTalks - Icon, that's the name of the person. This icon is a picture with a very small size. "Png" and. "ICO" the extension. With the icons you can decorate a blog, that blog looks more beautiful and dynamic, but how you can get this icon? Do not be confused because there are many sites on the internet which provides free icons, you just download and install on your blog.

One site that provides the icon is like this is http://www.iconarchive.com/, because in this there are many sites with the category icon.
If you need icons try to visit this site. Find the icon that matches your needs.

whether unlawful facebook?

TimeToTalks - Mayor of Pontianak, Sutarmidji, says facebook, a site to search for a friend at this time be fancied by many among the Indonesian people, many carrying disadvantage.

"I agree with the MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia.red), which issued a fatwa against unlawful facebook," said Sutarmidji, in Pontianak, on Monday.

He says, many people are addicted to the site to find that friend, so forget the time.

"I see a lot of private sector employees and civil servants use the time working with facebook to play while working. That includes the task of neglect," he said.

Moreover, many used to facebook bergosip (discussing other people) and send the image that vulgar in the virtual world. "So I rate more negative than positive," said Sutarmidji.

He urges, a civil servant in the environment of the Government of Pontianak, facebook does not play on the working hours. "If that still do, we do not shrink from individual civil servants who act out," he said.

Chairman of the PKS faction Kota Pontianak, Joni Prasetyo Arif, said less concur with the MUI issued a fatwa against unlawful facebook, because everything that can be done to bring the negative and positive.

"Play anything if we can not limit the negative impact will," he said.

He would ask if I use facebook to make at exchanging knowledge and through the virtual world, it will include prohibited by religion?

"Personally I see the benefits depending on facebook. While it is useful and is not an unlawful or negative," he said.